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Faculty Stories From the Homefront

In efforts to help FA members connect with one another during the 2020 pandemic, we have asked folks to share individual takeaways from recent events affecting our teaching, our lives, and our perspectives.

Here are some of those stories in video....


Here are some of those stories told in photo narratives...

Delores Lodel and her family
Delores Lodel

This photo is of my family living in our home during Covid19. We have our eldest son, a MiraCosta student, finishing his last semester who is not at all happy about completing his classes online. He was also laid off from his job at Regal in Carlsbad which he sorely misses but is happy to learn about unemployment money. Our twins are seniors at SDA in Encinitas who after two weeks of being off, decided that they actually miss school and wish they could go back. They are sad about prom and graduation and all of the other senior events they will undoubtedly miss out on. One of the silver linings in this experience, however, is the fact that our children now appreciate school and work which is something I could not have imagined before Covid19. As much as I don't like to talk about the positives as I know so many are truly struggling right now, I do think this generation are learning a new resilience that will serve them well throughout their life.

Personally, I've gone through all of the stages of grief. Disbelief and doubt, anger, sadness/depression, and I guess I'm now close to the stage of acceptance. Through this process I've realized that I'm much more social and extroverted than I realized. Another silver lining is that my husband and I have realized that we will have no problem retiring together. We have enjoyed each other's company more and have enjoyed breaking from our respective Zoom sessions, emails, and phone calls to walk together.


Share your story

If you are interested in sharing your own story, please contact Leigh Cotnoir to find out how to contribute. All FA voices are welcome, and you can contribute a short video, images, or written content...whichever way is simplest for you.

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