Faculty Assembly Elections 2018
March 5 (Monday):  

Call for Nominations. 

March 16 (Friday):  

Nominations close.

April 2 (Monday):  

Deadline for nominees to respond with a yes or a no, and to submit candidate statement and answers to candidate questions for brochure. Each candidate statement needs to be sent in unformatted text within the body of an email (no attachments, no bold, no underline, use dashes and the space bar instead of automatic bullet points, etc.). Formatted text leads to conversion problems between different operating systems, MAC/PC problems, unrecognizable characters, etc.  Also, this information will not be edited for spelling/grammatical errors.

April 4 (Wednesday):  

Election brochure with candidate information gets published to the AS and FA websites on this date.

April 6 (Friday):  

Balloting begins. An email with exact instructions for voting will be sent to all voting members.

April 12 (Thursday):  

Voting period ends at noon.  More details about how to get ballots to us and the time/place ballots will be counted will be provided on voting instructions.

2018 MiraCosta Faculty Election Brochure