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Brotherhood BBQ

by dara, FA Vice President

The Faculty Assembly Council continued its commitment to sponsor students through a donation to MiraCosta's 3rd annual Brotherhood BBQ event on August 25.

Pat Conahan, Athletic Director, and I had an email conversation about the event, and here’s what I found out.

dara: Can you tell me a little bit about this event? What is it? Whom does it serve? Anything important people should know?

Pat: The Brotherhood BBQ is an event that aims to create a welcome space at the beginning of the academic year for MiraCosta's disproportionately impacted men. In addition to making our men feel welcomed, our goal is to let them know they are valued and their presence is honored at MiraCosta College. The purpose of the Brotherhood BBQ is to support MiraCosta's disproportionate male populations who are either student-athletes or students connected to one of our ASE programs by

  • Enhancing their cultural and educational experiences on campus.

  • Promoting and supporting their career, educational, and mental health development.

  • Building their network of campus support.

  • Providing mentorship to assist and guide students throughout their academic journey.

  • Developing meaningful relationships with staff, faculty, and administrators.

dara: So how did it go? Was it well-attended? Can you share some highlights?

Pat: There were nearly 70 students in attendance and more than 30 staff, faculty and administrators.

The students first took a short tour to meet staff from at Health Services, CARE and Financial Aid departments. It was important the students learned the location of these valuable resources, while also meeting a staff member who they can connect with later if needed. Master of ceremonies, Adrean Askerneese started the program by asking the students and staff to stand up and introduce themselves to someone they didn’t know. The goal was to help each student build a network of support in the peers and with the staff/faculty/admin. Later, while eating, Andrew Alvo gave a brief overview of the academic support that MiraCosta College offers.

The Brotherhood BBQ seemed like a terrific success, and FA Council is happy to have provided support for these student athletes. Keep an eye out for future ways you can join us in future philanthropic endeavors!


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