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FA Operations Committee

by dara


open book
credit: Anastasia Zhenina,

Our committee has fun, important, and interesting tasks and goals ahead. Committee members—Ruth Gay, Casey McFarland, Abby Burd, Richard Ma, Billy Gunn (FA Treasurer), and I—will be involved with the District-wide Fringe Benefits Committee (FBC), and we will update full-time faculty on changes to benefit plans and open-enrollment (which is coming quickly). In the past, we have worked with HR to provide even more training and guidance for the open enrollment process, but do please look for emails from HR/Carolyn Sneary and send her questions early on!

When applicable, we will share pertinent information from the independent union organizations we belong to—California Community College Independents (CCCI) and the Faculty Association of California Community Colleges (FACCC)—at FAC meetings and via newsletter articles.

credit: Adi Goldstein

This team will be organizing on-campus events to not only increase visibility and outreach, but also to educate full-time faculty on the Faculty Assembly, the Contract, working conditions, and other FA related ideas. We promise a mix of fun and information at these on-campus events. Our planned off-campus social events will be terrific opportunities to meet your FA Council and full-time colleagues. When you see the invites, please plan to RSVP when necessary and plan to attend!

At times, it’s necessary to survey full-time faculty for working conditions-related issues that arise, and our group will, with the input of FA Exec, and FA Council, create and employ those surveys.

Lastly, the FA Operations Committee will provide oversight of and development of the FA budget, bringing proposed budgets to FA Exec and then FA Council for approval. See? Fun, important, and interesting work!


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