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How Do I Know If I'm Paying Dues?

Some time ago, a faculty member asked, “dara, how do I know if I’m paying FA dues?” Being a person who believes in the “Teach a Person to Garden” style of helping, I sent them a screen shot I took from workday (everyone’s favorite!) and was able to very quickly demonstrate where to find the answer on our pay slips. It looks like this:

Note: to locate your pay slips in Workday, go to "View All Apps > Pay > Payslips" and click "View" for a recent pay slip to see your Post Tax Deductions.


Want to make sure you’re contributing at the 0.4% recommended rate or want to start contributing? Please fill out the easy-to-use FACULTY ASSEMBLY (FA) - PAYROLL DEDUCTION FORM.

And, if you have questions, you can contact Billy Gunn, (FA Treasurer).


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