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Volunteering for the MiraCosta Bond

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Passage of MiraCosta’s proposed bond measure will require 55% of voters in the MCC community college district to say “Yes” to MM. After losing a 2012 bond effort by a mere .15% (less than 300 votes), it’s understandable that those supporting the effort (including the FA) are pulling out all the stops to make this year’s bond drive a success.

In these politically tumultuous times, with voters expressing their viewpoints in ways few could have predicted, it’s particularly important that we do not leave this vote to chance. For these reasons the FA has made supporting the bond a major priority for this fall. We seek to ensure that the quality institutional experience we seek for students, faculty, and staff is not only apparent in the spirit of our mission statement, but is reflected in the facilities we occupy and the equipment we operate.

Preparation and organization is already in high gear. Your FA representatives, led by Vice President Christina Sharp, have formed coalitions with the Board of Trustees, representatives from administration, classified leaders, and student representatives. There are steering and organizing committees in place and initial polling results within the boundaries of MiraCosta district have been positive. As well, the FA Council provided $4,000 from the 2015-16 FA political budget, along with another $6,000 from this year’s political budget to support of the bond effort.

The monetary contributions of the FA, however, are not enough to bring about success in November. Success requires a well organized effort and lots of volunteers. To that end Christina and other FA members like Mike Deschamps, dara, and Jim Julius have made great progress in organizing MiraCosta faculty and other college stakeholders into an increasingly cohesive volunteer effort.

A Strong MiraCosta College Improvement Bond Measure 2016

​If you have provided the FA with your personal email address, you have likely received emails from Christina and Brad Byrom asking you to volunteer for bond-related activities. If you haven’t already signed up to help, this is the time to do so. By adding your name to the list of faculty volunteers, you will not only be contributing to an effort maintain MiraCosta’s reputation for excellence, but you will also help make it clear to our trustees and our community that MiraCosta faculty are willing to go the extra mile to keep our college strong. Volunteering is simple: visit to volunteer and donate to the effort.

Beyond the formal volunteer efforts, many faculty have asked “what else can I do”? One short answer is to help get the word out. Be sure that your friends, family, neighbors, and business acquaintances know why they should support the bond (especially those who live in the district). Suppose you find yourself on an elevator with an Oceanside businesswoman or in line at the grocery store behind a family with children, or at Bagby’s Brewery having dinner with neighbors. Please take a moment to turn the conversation to MiraCosta and explain the need for a bond, and the importance of their vote. Of course you’ll need to know some of the basics, so here are some “Elevator” talking points:


Our College:

  • Educates over a third of North County high school graduates, preparing them for college and good-paying jobs

  • Provides an affordable, high quality education, which is especially important as the cost of four-year college continues to rise

  • Is a vital resource for North County businesses, as it trains the local workforce and fuels our local economy

  • Trains skilled nurses and other health care professionals who work locally to care for us and our families

  • Provides job training and counseling to veterans

Improving Our College Means:

  • Upgrading career training facilities

  • Improving basic infrastructure, ranging from parking to plumbing

  • Repair and modernize educational facilities and equipment

  • Improve facilities for veterans

Reasons to support this Bond

  • It’s been over 50 years since MiraCosta received support from a bond measure—not since the college was originally constructed at its main campus site has the college received bond support

  • Every penny would be spent on facilities in local, MiraCosta district communities

  • Funds could not be taken away by the state.

  • Even those who don’t use MiraCosta, benefit from it. For example, it provides essential services and well-trained employees for local businesses contributing to the North County economy.

For More Information on the Bond

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