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Important Information for Families

Open enrollment has begun, and the FA has some advice for those considering creating or expanding your family. As part of the FA’s ongoing efforts to help MCC faculty members take full advantage of the benefits available to MCC employees, we are suggesting that those who are considering pregnancy take a close look at the AFLAC Short Term Disability Plan.


Future Mothers

As we all know, adding a child to your family is a costly endeavor, but for those who are planning ahead this voluntary option to your benefit package can provide you with up to $2,000 for pregnancy. It’s important to note that there is a 10 month waiting period from the date the policy starts (January 1st), so planning ahead is essential. For most faculty members, taking full advantage of this plan for pregnancy would require signing up for multiple years so that the coverage extends throughout the pregnancy.

Maximizing Your Benefit

The rates (as of this writing) were $67.60 for the maximum benefit for those aged 18 – 49, so the costs of the plan could be completely covered by the voluntary benefit dollars. If a pregnancy is in your future, remember that the district provides 50% paid leave–but only after all sick leave has been exhausted. This makes the AFLAC plan that much more important. Also note that there are many different laws and public policies to keep in mind that impact maternity and family leave (including child-bonding, FMLA, and CFRA to name a few). Please contact HR if you have any questions about AFLAC or leave policies. Benefits specialist Carolyn Sneary can be reached at 760-795-6855.

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