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FA Vote Delayed

fall vote

As you may recall, the FA sent proposed revisions to our Constitution to all full-time faculty for your consideration a few weeks ago. The revisions were necessitated both by structural changes to the FA that occurred after the Constitution was written, and to clarify portions of the document that many of us found confusing.

Shortly after sending out the revised Constitution, a number of us realized that certain questions remained unanswered and further clarifications would be necessary. Since there is no rush to revise the Constitution, the Executive Committee unanimously decided to delay the vote—a decision that was well-supported by the FA Council.


Since then, we have worked to better clarify portions of the Constitution. While I’m confident that we will soon complete the revisions, the FA Bylaws require a two-week period between Council’s approval of the revisions, and a vote of the full FA (all full time faculty). Rather than asking faculty to vote on the revisions during finals week, we have decided to delay the vote until the fall.


By moving the vote to the fall semester, there will be opportunities for full-time faculty to meet and discuss the revisions, and there will be time for us to put together an FAQ explaining the changes that the FA Council is recommending. As always, if you have questions about this don’t hesitate to ask.


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