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California Community College Independents (CCCI) Conference

In May, members of your FA Exec and Council will travel to Sacramento to attend the CCCI Conference. Each fall and spring, the CCCI colleges gather for a conference where we hear reports from the other member organizations, get updates and advice from Legal Counsel regarding issues and trends affecting faculty rights, and receive training on dealing with negotiation and/or grievance or investigation matters.


CCCI is a professional organization of Independent Faculty Employee Organizations whose mission is to provide support to the leaders of these groups to share information, learn from each other about negotiation and contractual matters, share legal advice, and provide for a formal statewide voice and advocacy.


The conference always features guest speakers including the CCCI Legislative Advocate who reports on CCCI Advocacy and provides a legislative review. At this upcoming conference we will also hear from Assembly Member Jose Medina, Chair of the Higher Education Committee, as well as from Christian Osmena, Vice Chancellor of Finance from the State Chancellor’s Office.

Our team looks forward to connecting with and learning from our fellow Independents and bringing back knowledge that helps us provide the best support and representation for our members.

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