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Dear Scotty, How do I get MCC-branded materials bearing my name?

Dear Scotty,

I’m pretty new to MiraCosta and was just wondering if you have any advice about how to blend in better. Currently, when I go to events, I use the “My Name Is” sticker name tag that I got at a recent conference so everyone knows who I am. Unfortunately, it is fading a bit and curling up at the edges. I also cut up a pack of 3x5 notecards and wrote my name and email address neatly on them to give to others at conferences.

Am I completely on my own here - what is your advice? -My Name Is Earl


Dear Earl,

business card

Welcome to MiraCosta! Time to toss out that old paper name tag and get MiraCosta College branded name badge. You simply need to request your name badge and official business cards through the Public Information Office (PIO) online, and they will provide these materials to you through approved means free of charge. Here’s how:

  1. Login to the Portal

  2. Move mouse over “Departments” and click the words “Public Information Office”

  3. Don’t click any of the words near it, just the main title.

  4. Next, click on “Business Cards & Name Badges” when the list of services offered appears.

  5. Up pops some directions with a link where you can place orders, so click on the link to “Name Badges & Business Cards Request Form”

  6. Fill out this form, and when finished, click the “submit” button at the bottom.

name badge

The official name tag and business cards look like the images shown here with MCC branding galore! One of the best parts is that the name badges use magnets, not pins. This fact alone will save you lots of holes in those polo shirts!

You can use this form for name badges, boxes of 250 business cards, or both!


Don't Forget Your Faculty ID!

There is one more thing you can (and should) do to really feel like a full-time faculty member… get your official faculty/staff ID card. In addition to using this card to get faculty discounts at conferences, on software, and other services, you will also be asked for this card when you pick up your parking permit from the Campus Police station each year.

First, Get the Request Form

Be sure to bring the form from HR that was in your hiring packet… or you can pick up a form from the HR/Payroll office. It is a half sheet of paper and looks like this and HR will authorize the card so you are officially able to get the faculty ID card:

request form

Lastly, Go Get Your Photo Taken

Head to the Student Activities Office (3435 on OC or 929 at SAN) and they will take your picture and print it for you then-and-there. NOTE: if you have lost your card, you will need to pay the $6 replacement fee at the Cashier’s office prior to getting a new one. The first ID card is free!

As you can see, the one day I forget to do my hair, it’s picture day. Well, maybe next week I’ll head back in there with my best polo and pair of shorts pressed so I can look my best.

Before long, you’ll be part of the team just like me, Earl! -Scotty

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