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Another Way Our Voices are Heard: Supporting FACCC

by dara

FACCC (Faculty Association of California Community Colleges) was established in 1953 by community college educators who understood the importance of advocacy in regard to community college educators. FACCC knows the interests of faculty, both full and part time, and is intrinsically linked to successfully serving students.

FACCC advocates on the state and nationwide levels to “inform, educate, and empower” community college faculty in California. They represent our interests related to “academic freedom, funding, retirement benefits, student basic needs, and other policies that impact faculty and the students [we] serve.” Having FACCC on our side to represent our concerns is like have a super advocate…people who work full time to our benefit: focusing only on representing community college faculty.

A look at FACCC’s Mission, Vision, and Values statements will demonstrate FACCC aligns with what most of us see as vital to our success as faculty. They are committed to student success, equity, and collegiality.

One amazing opportunity connected to FACCC is their Great Teachers Seminar July 30-August 3/2023. Although they would love for newer faculty to attend, anyone is welcome, and there are even scholarships available. At the most recent CCCI (California Community College Independents) conference, there were attendees who previously participated in this seminar, and they had only positive things to say about it. One person used the word, “transformative”!

When you choose to support FACCC by joining at only $25.00 a month, you will receive their excellent, informative newsletter: FACCTS; you will have access to forum discussions; and you can subscribe to e-lists based on your faculty interests. FACCC depends on faculty membership/support to continue being our voice in California and in Washington, D.C. Here's information about how you can join.

For more information, you can visit or send your questions my way. If I don’t know the answer, I’ll find it for you!


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