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CCCI Update

by dara, FA Vice President


Photo by Johan Godínez on Unsplash

As the full-time faculty collective bargaining unit, our Faculty Assembly belongs to The California Community College Independents (CCCI), “an association of independent bargaining agents for California community college faculty,” and we are one of 13 member community colleges. Many of us might not have heard of CCCI or could use reminding of their purpose.

Mission of Representation

CCCI's Mission of Representation is to provide a formal statewide voice for the Independent faculty unions regarding issues affecting California community colleges: a) to serve as a formal representative member of the Consultation Council, the constituent advisory body of the state Chancellor and the California Community College Board of Governors; b) to serve as one of the five members of the Council of Faculty Organizations (CoFO); c) to represent CCCI in meetings with other state organizations; d) to keep members informed about current issues.

Twice a year, members of FA Council attend the CCCI Conference. These conferences are always very informative and educational and best described by CCCI’s own words.

Mission of Support

The organization's Mission of Support is to provide a professional organization for Independent faculty union leaders in which they can share information and learn from each other about negotiation issues and contract matters:

a) to provide support and consultation for union leaders and members;

b) to troubleshoot in Independent districts experiencing legal or organizational difficulties;

c) to work on contract details;

d) to share legal advice; and

e) to hold Fall and Spring conferences (alternating between southern and northern California locations). (

Luka Lara, Annie Ngo, Billy Gunn, and I attended the conference in October, and we noticed a few themes in the conversations, legal updates, discussions about negotiations, and general concerns. Each of the colleges in attendance provided updates, and the common topics discussed were salary negotiations, issues with a “revolving door” in terms of administrators, HYFLEX and what it means/how it will be realized, on-ground requirements—especially regarding non-classroom faculty, and IDEA language in terms of evaluation. Another major takeaway was that the strong, collegial relationships prior FA leadership has built with our administration, and that the current FA leadership maintains have helped us in innumerable ways when it comes to our negotiations.

If you’re interested in more information, you can contact any member of MCC’s FA Exec, and you can visit

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