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FA’s Upcoming Education Luncheon Event

Mark your calendars for March 10, 12:00-2:00 for our FA Education Luncheon event.

By Mary Gross

This is a great opportunity to reconnect with your colleagues and learn about issues affecting you, and it allows your FA Council to hear directly from you!

This semester our focus is on learning about the many educational, legislative, or administrative mandates that impact you and your daily working conditions. We will explore legislative mandates that have already had great impacts on a number of departments as well as new ones that will have even broader reach. And of course, you have heard about all the technological advances that have and will impact our teaching, from Hyflex course offerings to AI technologies. Finally, we will dive into a common faculty topic- work creep or the ways various MCC initiatives slowly add to our already very full plates over time.

So join us for a fun, educational, and interactive event! In addition to a deeper dive on these issues, a major goal for your FA Council is to hear from you about the impacts you have experienced so we can position ourselves to respond as your exclusive working conditions representatives. Lunch, prizes, and camaraderie guaranteed! See you there…


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