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By Luke Lara, FA Ombudsperson

During the summer months, I began to develop a resource list for rental and housing assistance in San Diego and Riverside counties. This list expanded to include other resources, such as FA information, MiraCosta College benefits, retirement planning, childcare resources, mental health & wellness, financial wellness, and faculty related organizations. The list contains both MiraCosta and non-MiraCosta sponsored resources. We hope you will find the linktree useful. This information will also appear on the Ombuds page of the FA website, under Faculty Resources.

I am especially excited to have met Eric Hellon, CEO of Homeowner prep, who provides free consultations and other services, with the mission to “educate and encourage aspiring homeowners to buy and leverage their first home so they can create lasting generational wealth.” His services are especially geared toward Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) aspiring homeowners.

I also had the opportunity to meet with Cal Coast Credit Union representatives to learn about the free financial wellness and financial coaching they provide. There are many other resources to discover on this list and I hope you find something that meets your immediate or future needs.

What else would be helpful to know about? What would have been good to have access to when first starting out at MiraCosta? If you are more established, how can this resource list serve your needs now or in the future? We welcome your feedback as we continue to develop these resources.


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