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Support for Incumbent Board Members

“You know how you don’t work at all during summer and have tons of free time during weekends?

Your Vote Counts!

We of course know neither of those things is true, but the misconception of MiraCosta’s faculty being overvalued indolent crybabies living a life of leisure is still out there in certain segments of the population. You know who knows how hard we work and what it takes to support us, and therefore our students? Our two board members who are up for re-election: Bill Fischer and Rick Cassar—that’s who. Their opposition has little to no affiliation with MiraCosta, community colleges, or education in general whereas Rick is a full-time academic counselor at Miramar College, and Bill taught American Literature for 33 years. Rick understands the balance between the Student Services and Instruction sides of our job; Bill is a Navy veteran who has experienced a life many of our students, but not many of their instructors, have lived. Both trustees have proven to support our most at-risk students and the programs that serve them. They are active members of our college community, so they are connected and committed to MiraCosta’s success. Both Bill and Rick have served our school, us, and our students well. Our board members make hugely impactful decisions regarding the college budget, tenure, and our contract, so having knowledgeable, experienced and thoughtful trustees benefits everyone at MiraCosta.

To find out how you can help with their campaigns, please send an email, ASAP to

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