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Elections Results = Good for MiraCostans

Faculty precinct-walking 2018

Left to right: George McNeil, Brent Pickett, Paul Clarke, Mark Laurel, Jeanine Sepulveda, Steve Eso, Christina Sharp, Mark Whitney, dara, Kraig Williams

In the late hours of November 6th, many of us sighed in relief to find that our two trustees, Rick Cassar and Bill Fischer were indeed re-elected. The two running in opposition to our incumbents didn’t really seem to be “in it to win it,” but they still managed to earn votes. It is very apparent Bill’s tabling at community events like Pride at the Beach and the Latino Book & Family Festival, and Bill and Rick’s attendance/speaking at the San Diego Young Democrats’ Get out the Youth Vote Rally proved to be important and worthwhile endeavors. In all honesty, both would have attended whether or not they were running for re-election because they support our students and our community. Our small-but-mighty group of volunteers (some of whom are pictured here), contributed their free time to canvas precincts with door hangers and wave signs; they were invaluable in getting voters necessary information to compel them to the polls. I want to thank everyone in that group for signing up, giving some of your weekend time to the effort, and even corralling family members to help with this endeavor. I also want to thank our website/email “team” for building web presence and soliciting for volunteers.

Faculty waving signs before election

Left to Right: Jake Strona, Jim Sullivan, Kraig Williams, dara

Even though Midterms are over, there is still much to know in regard to community colleges and state/federal legislation. One great way to gain more political awareness is to join the Faculty Association of California Community Colleges. It behooves us to be informed about what’s currently happening AND what’s to come, so please consider signing up, or at least reading up, on FACCC.

For more information and/or to join, visit

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