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Come One, Come All!

hands touching in a huddle

This invitation is meant for you…yes, you!

Come join us at our next Faculty Assembly meeting on March 13th, from 12 - 3pm in OC 1202. I know, I know…it probably sounds as exciting as watching paint dry. You’re probably even thinking, “Don’t they just argue about abstract nonsense in the contract?” The reality is that we discuss how to best resolve working condition issues, and that focus takes our conversations across a wide spread of topics. We discuss updates on active negotiation (such as parental leave and faculty directors), procedural issues regarding our contract (such as TREC), and provide informational items on any statewide changes or news from unions at other colleges. We also invite you to share any concerns you have regarding working conditions that might require the advice or intervention of your FA. Whether you’re a first year faculty member looking for ways to contribute to governance next year or a seasoned faculty member looking for a new committee to join, your voice is welcome. The broader the scope of perspectives that contribute during the meeting, the more fruitful the discussions will be! FYI: meetings are always open to every full-time faculty member. That said, some portions of the meetings are held in closed session due to the confidentiality of certain negotiation issues, but we encourage all full-time faculty to join us for as many open-session meeting portions as you wish to attend. Even if you cannot attend open session meeting times, you can forward your questions or concerns to the FA President to bring up with FA’s Executive Board and Council.

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