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Hello from Annie Ngo

We asked our 2022-2024 term incoming FA Executive Board members some questions so that the full-time faculty could get to know them better. Read more below to see how Annie Ngo will serve in her Executive Board member role.


What attributes, strengths or experiences do you bring to FA Council (FAC)? Within which department, committees, clubs have you served?

annie and child

I have 15 years of contract negotiation experience, including negotiations with unions prior to joining MiraCosta College and extensive experience collaborating with lawyers. I participated in the last Faculty Assembly contract negotiation doing contract clean-up with Hayley Schwartzkopf, and I enjoy contract negotiating and writing (I’ve even taught classes on these subjects). I am in the Business Administration Department and teach business statistics as well as a leadership course for the Biomanufacturing Department. These subject areas stem from my corporate experience and doctoral studies, and I will use these skills and experiences in my role within FA Executive Board as the TREC Liaison and Contract Lead. Other committee experiences I have include: PADEI, Business and Technology ACP (as the Instructional Faculty Liaison), and regional committees (tutoring, supply chain).

What do you feel is most important to convey to new faculty about the role of FAC?

Having been a new faculty member just 5 years ago myself, the amount of information, processes, and policies can feel overwhelming. It’s helpful to know that FAC’s role is to support faculty on working conditions, as well as help us to understand what the contract means and how it impacts us. The FAC acts as a holding environment for all the issues we face so that we can thoughtfully discuss and address them collectively (Heifetz, 2009). Furthermore, the FAC represents different perspectives across the membership; thus being engaged with the FAC helps bring unique voices, ideas, and concerns into the collective discussion on working conditions.

A little bitmoji about me…

annie's bitmoji

I like experimenting at home and making iced coffee and tea drinks of all kinds. I also follow people on IG and Tik Tok who make different drinks for inspiration and enjoy watching the calming visuals of them being made.


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