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If You Missed the FA Happenings this Semester, You Missed Out on a Good Time!

by dara, FA Vice President


Photo by MARK ADRIANE on Unsplash

The FA Council held two events this semester, and they were both great! In October, we had an on-campus Education Luncheon where participants got to see each other in person, learned some quick facts about our contract, spun the wheel for a cool prize, and ate a delicious lunch! In November, we hosted a happy hour at Fat Joe’s in Oceanside, a neighborhood bar/arcade. We had a great time sharing food, drink, and fun, and it was a terrific way to connect and decompress at this point in the semester when connecting and decompressing are absolutely necessary! These two activities were informative and light-hearted at a time when so many of us needed them. Two colleagues offer these insights about these events, and getting together, in general.

Happy Hour at Fat Joe's

Tricia Hoste, Department Chair of NonCredit ESL & Workplace ESL Instructor: "It was such a positive evening meeting many of the FA members. Thank you for holding such a personal and comfortable event. The opportunity to connect at a community location created a safe environment to share and listen to our colleagues about what they are experiencing in their various departments. I appreciated this personal connection and an event to see some colleagues that I haven't connected with face-to-face since before the pandemic! Felt refreshing.”

On-Campus Education Luncheon

Rick White, Faculty--Computer Studies (CSIT): “My cohort and I were hired and spent our first instructional years at MiraCosta teaching via Zoom, which made connections with our MiraCosta colleagues outside of our departments challenging. I am so thankful to the FA for creating opportunities for all of us newcomers to meet our colleagues at events like October’s on-campus FA meet-up and learn session or November’s super fun off-campus event at Fat Joe’s in Oceanside. These are the kinds of moments that really remind us how special MiraCosta is and how supported we are.”

More to Come!

Each semester, we’re planning on and off-campus events, so please keep an eye out for future invites. And please think about joining us so you can take the risk of FOMO off your mind!


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