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Open Enrollment Is Upon Us! (And your Fringe Benefits Update)

by dara


Open Enrollment Is Here

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It’s open enrollment season, and if you haven’t read Carolyn Sneary’s recent emails (especially from October 25 and November 1, 2021), you should do so. Open enrollment for your fringe benefits started October 25 and must be completed by November 15, 2021. The deadline was extended from November 12 to November 15 to accommodate the Veteran's Day observance. It’s a complex process, so please make sure you read everything carefully and ask Carolyn Sneary or Briana Schaeffer any questions you have before you hit “submit”!

Open Enrollment Help

You can watch an "Open Enrollment Orientation" set of videos that HR created. Additionally, there is also a recorded "Workday Open Enrollment Recorded Demonstration" video with employee Q&A on how to complete your elections, beneficiaries, etc.

Some New Fringe Benefits

Mary Gross, Scott Fallstrom, Richard Ma, and I represent full time faculty interests on the Fringe Benefits Subcommittee. We carefully consider ideas to bring to this committee and for The District to research. And although there are elements to our benefits that were not brought to The Board nor considered for approval, there are some enhancements I can report here. On October 21, 2021, The Board voted to approve what is called, "The Health-and-Welfare Benefits Program," for the 2022 Benefit Year. You can look up the meeting minutes to see exactly what was approved, but here are the summarized approved changes:

  1. The District will be covering the overall increase in plan costs, a little over 4%.

  2. We will see an increase in allowance for contact lenses—from $160 to $180.

  3. Sometimes, we don't exactly know we need a covered benefit until we are personally affected by it. Have you noticed, through these special times, you might be grinding your teeth or clenching your jaws more? Well, Delta PPO will now include mouth guards as a covered benefit.

I want to thank our Faculty Assembly Fringe Benefits Subcommittee members—Mary, Scott, and Richard for being a diligent and involved group.

Again, please read your Fringe Benefits Open Enrollment information very carefully, and stay healthy, MiraCosta!


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