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Recap on FA Education Event

By Annie Ngo

On Friday, March 10th, the Faculty Assembly hosted an education workshop for faculty members to discuss several important topics. The main focus of the workshop was on working conditions, specifically in relation to legislative mandates, the growth of technology and AI, and work creep. The event also provided an opportunity for faculty to socialize and catch up with one another—fostering a sense of community and collegiality—with over 50 faculty in attendance!

The faculty members were divided into groups and rotated between the three topics, sharing their concerns and discussing potential solutions. Many expressed concerns with legislative mandates that seemed to add more work without fully understanding the impacts on students and faculty. The topic of technology and AI also generated lively discussion, with faculty highlighting the need for ongoing professional development to understand and stay up-to-date with new advancements. A common concern regarding work creep was that faculty were expected to do more work related to new processes and technologies in the same amount of time.

Despite the seriousness of the topics discussed, the event was enjoyed by all thanks to the delicious vegan lunch and cookies provided. There was a raffle with prizes as well as the launch of the FA Instagram, @mccfacultyassembly. Overall, the workshop was a valuable opportunity for faculty members to come together and discuss important issues affecting their working conditions.

Thank you to the faculty that were able to attend the education workshop. And if you missed out, there will be another education event in October 2023! Make sure to follow our Instagram account to get the latest news!




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