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Treasurer’s Report: MCCFA Philanthropic Efforts in Spring 2023

By Billy Gunn

In the spring of 2020, the Faculty Assembly made a significant financial donation to the MiraCosta Foundation to support students who were impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. This acute need at a time of crisis prompted the FA Council to pursue other opportunities to contribute to programs on campus and in the larger community. As a result of this culture shift, there is now a certain amount of money marked in the budget for such efforts.

Overview of FA Support

This spring, the FA Council identified three programs to which we wanted to make donations:

  • $500 to the Transition Program, which supports students impacted by incarceration,

  • $500 to the CLC Transition Endowed Scholarship, which helps non-credit students make the transition to credit programs,

  • $1,500 to Latinx Graduation, which celebrates the achievements of Chicanx/Latinx/Hispanic students from our Adult High School program and the college who are graduating with their certificates, associate, and bachelor's degrees.

We asked representatives from each of these programs to provide a brief description of how the FA’s donation would be used to support students.

Transition Program

"The Transitions Scholars program is immensely grateful to the FA for supporting the needs of our formerly incarcerated and system impacted students. Through your generous contribution, we can support students with emergency funds that provide relief from financial insecurity so they can focus on their studies. Thank you so much for helping our students so they can continue to succeed at MiraCosta!"

Thao Ha

Professor, Sociology Department

Transitions Scholars Faculty Coordinator


CLC Transition Scholarship

“On behalf of the of the CLC Scholarship Committee, I want to extend our sincerest thank you to the Faculty Assembly for your generous donation to the 2023 CLC Scholarship Fund. Your donation will have a significant impact on the lives of CLC students as they make their transition from noncredit to credit coursework. Your donation serves as an encouraging symbol of welcome and support. Again, our sincerest thank you.”

Cynthia V. Gonzales

Counseling Faculty, Noncredit Programs

Chair, CLC Scholarship Committee


Latinx Graduation

"We thank FA for their valuable contribution and support in ensuring that our 25th Annual Chicanx/Latinx Graduation Celebration will be a welcoming and enjoyable event for our MiraCosta graduates, their loved ones, and community members. Your help will allow us to reach out to prospective students who may not have known about the life-changing opportunities available at our college.”

Hilda Gomez-Zinn

Counseling Faculty

Member of the Chicanx/Latinx Graduation Celebration Planning Committee


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